Thursday, 30 June 2016

How to start with LinkedIn Ads

Start with LinkedIn Ads:

1. Login in LinkedIn ads account
2. Choose goals(Make LinkedIn connections and increase target leads)
3. Select Account Name and currency
4. Need to mention Campaign Name and Language

How Will you create your LinkedIn ad:

1. By choosing Page on LinkedIn or by entering website name.
2. Make Title and Description for your ad.
3. Choose one Photograph for your ad
Add these information in your ad and you can also check preview of ads. You can also select ad in square shape, tall, Horizontal and Long. By saving this option, you will continue to next. If you want to edit your ad, you have an option to edit your ad and here you will get another option to create another ad. By choosing next option, you will move to other page.

4. Choose target Audience, which is main in LinkedIn ads.
5. Select Location, you can add state, city, town, country here.
6. Select Specific industry, company size, members, job title and job function and many other.
You can select all the options or one or two options, depends on you. How will you and how many options you will select.

How Will you target right audience

1. keep your target audience between 60000 and 600000 members.
2. For sponsored content, have an audience above 300000+ members
3. select no more than 20 targeting criteria to zero on your audience members.


How much will you spend on your ad?

1. Select Bid type
2. Bid (minimum bid is 100 and LinkedIn also give suggested bid)
3. What is your daily budget, Select daily budget?
4. Start date and end date of ad (how many days will you run this ad)
5. By Selecting next option you will move to payment page.

If you will have any coupon code, you can also apply for the same. After selecting payment page, your process will take 15-20 min and your ad will be ready.

You control your campaign's cost in 2 ways:

Set budgets (the maximum total amount you want to spend per day).
Set bids (the maximum amount you want to pay for each click or every 1,000 impressions).

There are 2 bidding options:

Pay-per-click (CPC): You specify the maximum amount you're willing to pay per click (Example: $3.00 per click) and set a daily budget to identify the most that you're willing to spend each day.

Cost per impressions (CPM): You specify a set cost for each 1,000 times your ad is shown, no matter how many clicks you receive. This is a good option if you care more about the number of times your ad is shown than the number of clicks.

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